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We at want your beloved to grow up healthy to avoid possible complications in the future.

Conveniently track your dog's weight online and compare the growth chart with reference values and other registered dogs of the same breed. This way you can see at a glance if your dog or puppy has a healthy weight for its current age.

Easily share results with your vet, breeder or buyers of your puppies at the touch of a button to quickly provide important information.

With currently over 140 weight charts of more than 70 dog breeds, which are regularly expanded, our tool helps you track your dog's growth.

Digital and interactive weight tracking & weight tables

Conveniently track your dog or puppy's weight online and get access to over 140 weight charts from more than 70 dog breeds.

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Compare the weight of your dog or puppy with the weight of other registered dog owners. In this way, in addition to the reference weight, you will have another reference point for the healthy growth of your beloved.

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